Seun Opabisi of Loups Garous

Who is Seun Opabisi? A maker of things (seriously) and half of the Loups Garous Film Collective. I used to draw in my former life, now I currently help my friends make films and run a Boutique Post Production Studio. What are you up to these days?  I just wrapped post production work on a friend’s […]

View Of My Portfolio with Ayodeji Taiwo.

The idea I’m using as your brand is the word “expression” which is a synonym for art. It’s about how you select things from the world and reevaluate their understanding, a feeling, what an idea can become to show them this feeling in simple relationships.  To express it from a view that they feel belonged […]

The Art of Vigilism with Lekan Jeyifo.

“Shanty Mega-structures These images juxtapose sites of privileged and much coveted real-estate throughout Lagos, Nigeria with colossal vertical settlements representing marginalized and impoverished communities. It’s a visual conversation on how slums are frequently viewed as unsightly eyesores to be bull-dozed, leaving their inhabitants completely displaced. This is a standard practice that occurs from Chicago to […]

Above & Below with Akinboye Sunkanmi

Boye is a Nigeria-based Illustrator, specialized in comic books and graphic novels. My work explores narrative and African storytelling through traditional and digital illustration. He explores media ranging from gouache and ink-wash to digital paintings. My practice has led me to work for clients such as Farafina Magazine, Onward Paper Mill, True Tarpan UK, FansConnectOnline […]