Five Amazing Nigerian Portrait Photographers

Portrait photography is more than just capturing a picture of somebody; it’s an artistic representation of a person’s attitude. Here’s a list of five of the best portrait photographers in Nigeria. Aham Ibeleme Aham Ibeleme is a Lagos-based photographer who shoots fashion and celebrity portraiture. He has an evident penchant for portrait photography, something that he […]


Why do you tell me that it gets better? Why do you say that I’ll be fine? Has it ever happened to you? You wouldn’t know, till it happens to you, the hurt I’m facing will never be understood by you till it happens to you. You tell me to hold my head up, you […]

A VISUAL Short – Intersex

I had woken up with only one thought: enjoy this day! It was a new year, a new school and obviously a new life, I’d said to myself that I wouldn’t allow anyone get in the way of my happiness. As I prepared to leave, I said my prayers just as I opened my door […]

VS50 – Awele Emili

Awele is a young Nigerian graphic artiste and illustrator. She is well known for her illustration on the lives of everyday Nigerians. She has always been passionate about drawing and illustrating, using art to illustrate the world around her. She started at a very young age and was widely called “the girl who drew a […]

VS50 – Babawande Thomas

Babawande Thomas is a content creator and a producer and produces various types of content, from music videos to documentaries to corporate campaigns. He is the Creative Director of Urbangidi, an African Content creation and production company. He produced Falz’s “This is Nigeria” video and has also worked with artistes like Burna Boy. Wande grew […]

Here’s all that went down at @dusten-truce’s 2Birds1Stone show in pictures

D-Truce teams up with staff and management at his 9-5 for the first #2Birds1Stone Live experience. Just a week into releasing his debut album (which is undeniably a strong contender for the most cohesive Album this year by a Nigerian), D-Truce takes his concept of #2Birds1Stone and translates it into a live experience, collaborating with […]

A VISUAL Short – Anything will be beautiful

If there is one thing I know, it’s the beauty I have found in the faces of the people I have come to see daily, strangers that walk pass me every day, little details I grasp from looking at them and smelling the air that follows them. These are the beautiful things of life.

A look at Nadine Ibrahim's short film – Through her eyes

Through Her Eyes was written and directed by Nadine Ibrahim, a young Nigerian filmmaker born in Kaduna and still based in northern Nigeria. For such a short film it is a stunningly powerful depiction, offering viewers an imaginative look at the life of a 12-year-old female suicide bomber. It tells the story of Azeeza, a […]