Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s ‘Farming’ Set To Be Released This October

Last year, it was reported that Adewale Akinnuoye’s ‘Farming would hit a lot of film festival for its premiere. That and a very harrowing trailer which increased our craving for the movie which is focused on the real-life story of a Nigerian boy in search for his identity within a savage skinhead subculture of the […]

Urban YamFest: The new culinary entrepreneurs.

Birthed from the need to celebrate local relevance and culture with an urban twist, the Urban YamFest was created to cater to the 21 st century Nigerian youth. The event which held on the 31 st of August 2019 at 7 seasons Lekki, featured a millennial crowd experiencing a specific selection of Yam Dishes served […]

Watch Frank Donga & Charles Okocha In The Hilarious Teaser For ‘Three Thieves’

Producers of the critically acclaimed supernatural thriller Sylvia, Trino Studios has released the first teaser for their upcoming comedy, Three Thieves. The comedy explains the story of three young men who, frustrated with their jobs and deciding to pursue what it seems like a low-risk, high-profit heist. Things spiral out of their control and kidnapping comes into […]

Watch Nora Awolowo’s Thriller For Upcoming Short Film ‘Symphonies’

Filmmaker, Nora Awolowo, and on-air media personality, Kiki Mordi have joined forces once again. It was early in the year the duo released a documentary, Life At The Bay, that detailed the lives of women who live in Tarkwa Bay.  Their new short film – Symphonies follows the story of June, a woman in her late twenties […]