5 things we love about Adé Sultan Sangodoyin’s short film, ‘A Cemetery of Doves’

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Ade Sultan Sangodoyin’s short film centers around a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality in a society that keeps a firm lid on disclosure of of their identity.

1. It delves into the complexities of sexuality, a difficult topic to address in Nigeria

2. It’s beautifully Shot

3. It has a fresh cast. Far from the usually ensemble of your typical Nollywood movie

4. The runtime is less than 20 minutes. A lot of work goes into keeping the plot trimmed.

5. No one says anything throughout. Are you ready to listen to a non-vocal conversation? We’ll hear it is.

Watch the short film here:

Writer& Director: Adé Sultan Sangodoyin

Producer: Adé Sultan Sangodoyin
Baba Agba
Melissa Adeyemo

Cinematography: Baba Agba

Starring: Michael Asuelime
Adelaja Adebayo

Production Manager: Opoola Adewale

Production Coordinator: Maryann Eziekwe

Gaffer: Adebayo Yussuf

Location: Shola Ashola

Sound & Music: Kulanen Ikyo
Kent Edunjobi
Anu Afolayan

Colourist: Michelle Cort

Editor: Adelaja Adebayo

Production Company: Lake Poets Film Company
BCI Studios
Ominira Studios

Country: Nigeria 2019

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