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A Visual Tour of Nigeria in 4 Nigerian Films

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So many people have an idea of what America looks like despite never being there because of movies. You can tell what New York, California, or even Texas looks like, how they sound, and how they dress because of how they’ve been represented in Hollywood films. Of course, you will never really know till you travel there but movies paint quite the picture.

Nigeria is a huge country rich with culture and if you haven’t been able to travel round the country, you can get a visual tour of what places look like through movies. Below are five movies you should see to get a glimpse of Nigeria’s rich culture.

Up North (2015)

Up North

Produced by Isioma Osaje and Zulumoke Oyibo and directed by Tope Oshin, Up North takes tells the story of a young rebellious heir from a wealthy family who undergoes his NYSC in the north. The film is a visual delight, taking us on a visual tour of Bauchi state and even highlighting the state’s tourist locations. If you’ve never been to the north and you want to see what the villages, cities, and festivals such as the Durbar festival, this movie is perfect for that.

Ayamma (2016)


This musical film produced by Emem Isong tells the story of an Akwa Ibom prince who falls in love with a girl he repeatedly sees in her dreams because of her voice. The film was shot in Akwa Ibom and showcases the Ibibio culture through its story, musical numbers, language, and dance sequences.

Lionheart (2018)


 Nollywood’s first Netflix original film takes us into Enugu state where we experience the rich Igbo culture, the family ties in Eastern Nigeria, as well as music and food. The film also showcases some aspects of Hausa culture through language, dressing, and food.

The Wedding Party (2016)

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party took the box office by storm when it dropped in December 2016 and aside from the comedy, great acting, and plot, many loved the film because at its centre, it showcased what a typical Lagos owambe can look like. This film highlights Yoruba culture through its dishes, language, characters, and makes us wish we could attend a Lagos wedding.

What other film do you think highlights Nigerian culture?

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