The creative industry in Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing industries in Africa and the world. From music to arts, fashion and photography and everything in-between, it is very safe to say that Nigerian creatives are making names for themselves globally.

However, it takes time to get to the places where the likes of Kehinde Wiley, Daniel Obasi, and all the many favs we know are. So with this article, if you are a budding creative in Nigeria, you will get these five things right away.

Here are five things that every budding Nigerian creattive can relate to:

They Just Don’t Get You!

Nigerian Creative

Having unfamiliar thought processes is what makes a creative mind what it is, but many times, you will feel misunderstood and even your small circle of fans would make you doubt yourself.

What you should remember is that without thinking differently about things, new ideas and creations wouldn’t be made a reality. So if in fact, they don’t get it, it’s always not your fault.

You, Who Are You?

Nigerian Creative

One of the things that many creatives face a lot is the idea from other people that they may not be as good as they think they are. But really, you can’t blame Nigerians – sometimes we like to stick to the ones we know, and you, who knows you?

If you are a budding Nigerian creative, you must have faced that question quite a number of times but trust me, it gets better.

Low-Budget Picasso

Nigerian Creative

As a budding creative, people do not expect you to be expensive. If you have to be expensive then, really, you probably aren’t struggling that much and trust me your niche will still find you.

Many Nigerians would prefer you to slash your price and anything it is you are selling for them to accommodate you. However, nothing too good should be too expensive.

God When?

Nigerian Creative

You think of an idea and it all makes sense in your head, but then there’s the part of execution! And with everything around you, and the 5k in your bank account, you know it can not just work.

The hustle is real but also, having a positive mindset is gold! but still, ask God when, he’ll come through someday if you believe in that stuff.

What If I Don’t Make It?

Nigerian Creatives

Honestly, there are a lot of creative that are challenged with this thought that Nigerians will always misunderstand them if they don’t make it or eventually still get the chance to go mainstream.

Truth is, this ‘what if I don’t make it?’ idea has hindered a lot of creatives from exploring their creativity and ending up with jobs they have little or no interest for.

Which of these do you struggle with the most?

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