Excerpts From Steve Ekpensi’s ‘The Iron Bender’s Diary’

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Steve Ekpenisi is one of the most appealing sculptors working in Nigeria today. Born in 1978, Ekpenisi’s interest in manipulating metal grew when he was five, creating art from household items much to his parent’s disapproval.

With little or no artistic inspiration from others, Ekpensi managed to build himself through the creative industry and has definitely made a name for himself.

Steve Ekpenisi
Steve Ekpenisi

Steve Ekpenisi recently held his first solo exhibition Diary of the Iron Bender, at Lagos-based Signature Beyond Art Gallery.

Adapting the title of the exhibition, this work provides not only insight into Steve Ekpenisi’s underlying philosophy, working techniques, and process, but also an account of an artist’s struggles as the coronavirus pandemic wears on.

Steve Ekpenisi
Steve Ekpenisi

The majority of the sculptures are inspired by socio-economic realities, contemporary politics and indigenous traditions from which they draw their title.

Here Are Excerpts From His Work

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