Interview with portrait photographer Vami George

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Hello, Thank you, Visual for having me.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Your name. Where you grew up
My name is Victor George-Amissah. I was born in Benin city to a Medical Doctor mother and a banker Father (now a Lecturer) the disciplinarian of the family. Primary and secondary school was In Benin. Tertiary education was at Ota, Covenant University.

reinterviewwithvamigeorge 4

What are you working on lately
Just the past few months I have been working on a project called “Serial Entrepreneurs” it focuses on using portraits and storytelling to shine light on entrepreneurs and their journeys in the Capital.

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How did you get interested in photography? Do you have an educational artistic background?
I have always loved still imagery and the art of cinematography but I never got the push to start my own journey but in 2015. There was a rude awakening and that jolted me into the world I so preciously enamour now. For my background, I studied computer science so I guess you could say that.


Where do you get your creative inspiration from? Is there any other artist or photographer who inspired your art?
From all around really. Movies, the sky (I love a perfect blue sky), Pinterest, Instagram, old thoughts.

reinterviewwithvamigeorge 2

Oh! Mehn, where do you start Romeo Shagba (he taught me Photography, I owe my direction and eye to him. he’s a genius!! Terna Iwar CEO of Bantu studio in Abuja, Zamani Istifanus, Anny Robert, Brad Trent, Austin Hargrave.

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How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph or series of photographs? Anywhere from 1day – 2 weeks. Different pictures, require varying amounts of readiness, so I adjust accordingly. For photo series, it goes above 3 months at a time.

Do you have any preferences regarding cameras and format?
Canon EOS 6D! I’m a Canon fan boy but I also got a side eye for Sony And I may someday make that switch.

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Can you talk a bit about your approach to the work? What did you want your images to capture?

  • Portraits are my strong points and what go for when I take Pictures are mannerisms, nuances. Those little details you can’t quite figure out. To show how bigger than life one is at that point in time.
reinterviewwithvamigeorge 1

Where is your photography going? What are you currently working on and do you have any photographic plans for future?
Still on my Photo series, I also have a photo document series I have been working on low-key and as soon as I launch, you guys shall see.

What are your three favorite websites?

What do you do besides photography?
I’m a programme Analyst at the FCT high court of Justice.

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Where can our readers find you online?
@vamiGeorge on IG, Twitter and Behance.

Any advice for budding photographers?
Shoot, shoot, shoot all the time, when in doubt, take up your gear and shoot. Your power and voice is in your image. Take pride in what you create. I’m so doing you get better and understanding of the craft follows swiftly!!

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