Listen to ‘The Talk Room’ Episode 4: ‘The Price Of Life (Short Story)’

In this episode of ‘The Talk RoomMichael Faya is telling a story in ‘The Price of Life’

Told in the calmest way, the story tells the unplanned sacrifice of Chike to his dying mother.

Michael is trying something different from his podcast that has always tend to talk about societal issues.

Here Is A Preview Of The Story Here

What is the price of a life? It was almost midnight and I had already made it up in my mind that I would wake up to a bad news. The phone would ring at about 7am and I would answer it, I would say ‘hello’ and would wait for the voice of a lady or a man (oh I pray it be a lady. There’s something about getting the blow from a woman), they’d say: ‘Chike, we did all we could, but she couldn’t make it. Your mother is dead.’ I would say thank you because I wouldn’t know what else to say. The line would go dead and I would start to cry. At the same time, I prayed for a miracle, anything, really, anything. In my drunken thoughts, I find myself in a deep sleep, a strange land and with strange creatures I haven’t seen in my twenty-seven years of living.

Excerpts From The Podcast

Listen To The Price Of Life Here:

The Price of Life – The Talk Room Episode

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