Meet Caricature Artist and Illustrator Clement Obioha

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Please Tell us about yourself? Who is liberto_clems?

My name is Chibuike Clement Obioha. I am a visual artist and a freelance Illustrator and caricaturist located in Imo state. My passion to effectively express myself encouraged me to develop my style and paint both digitally and traditionally. I’m inspired mostly by what I see.

Chibuike Clement 01.jpg

What did you study in University?

 I’m currently studying Architecture at Federal University of Technology, Owerri.Did you always want to be an artist?

 Yes, I’ve always wanted to be an artist. It’s a part of who I am and who I’m meant to be.

Chibuike Clement 02.jpg

What’s a typical day like for you. 

 I see each day as an opportunity to set and accomplish anything and to learn something new. So, basically I draw every day with any slightest opportunity I get because directly or indirectly it helps keep me mentally fit. I try out other activities afterwards.

Chibuike Clement 03.jpg

How would you describe your style, why caricatures? What inspires you?

 My style is born out of passion and consistency in practice. Among the things i paint as an artist, Caricature painting is my favourite because it’s an interesting way to express ideas. I started doing caricature sketching in mid 2016, then digitally in 2017. The art of Caricature is like poetry, it allows one to express deep meanings with few strokes; so i see Caricature art as realism. I’m inspired by variety in faces of people, culture and environment. I’m also inspired by works of talented artists.Do you prefer drawing traditionally or digitally? 

I work both traditionally and digitally. But most of the time I work digitally, which is more convenient for me.Mac or PC? 

Chibuike Clement 04.jpg

What apps, websites , plugins etc so you use? 

 I’m comfortable with PC.Of your Art, is there one that is a favorite?

I paint with Photoshop Cs6 and CC with my graphics tablet.  I don’t use plugins.

Chibuike Clement 05.jpg

Do you ever make political expressions in the art?

 Yes,  sometimes. It’s not always easy to keep up with Nigerian politics. It’s a challenge for the year.Would you consider mentoring? 

 Yes. I don’t mind.

Chibuike Clement 06.png

Where is your favorite place in the world?

My favourite place in the world is Venice, in Italy.What social media tools do you use as an artist and how do they affect your way of working?

I don’t use any social media tools at the moment.Do you think it’s easier to market yourself on the internet than using traditional means?

Yes, I think so.

In your opinion,  what is the future of art in Nigeria?  It depends on how well it will be promoted and how much disposable income Nigerians will have in the future.   How much attention do you pay to the feedback of others on your art? Feedback matters a lot to me.  I pay close attention to feedbacks and apply corrections where necessary.     For more on Clems work you can check out his pages: Instagram:  @liberto_clems
Facebook:    Liberto Clems
Twitter:     @liberto_clems

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