Movie Review: ‘Coming from Insanity’

Last night I opened Netflix on my browser, in search of a lovely film to end my very stressful day, and the trailer for Coming from Insanity automatically plays. I’m intrigued by the thirty-second trailer and I decide to give it a try. This is my movie review for Akinyemi Sebastian Akinropo’s Coming from Insanity.

The story follows the life of a young boy from Togo, Kossi, who was trafficked to Nigeria to become a houseboy for a wealthy family. After spending several years in the Martins’ household; he grows tired of his futureless life with them, he decides to take matters into his own hands to create a future for himself. It had an ensemble cast made up of Gabriel Afolayan as Kossi, Damilola Adegbite as Oyin, Sharon Ooja as Sonia, Bolanle Ninalowo as Rocky, Dakore Egbuson and Wale Ojo as Mr & Mrs. Martins, Wole Ojo as Femi and many other talented actors.

I particularly enjoy films that explore crucial topics such as child labour and trafficking, especially in Nigeria, because there’s so much to be discussed surrounding that topic. During the first five minutes of the movie, I thought that was what the film was going to be addressing, but I knew otherwise after I crossed the fifteen-minute mark. Strictly speaking, the story took a turn and explored the production and sales of counterfeit money in Nigeria, which I found even more fascinating. 

I really enjoyed the storyline and it being based on a true life story made it more intriguing. The story wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be. It had the right balance between suspense and drama. The romance between the characters felt a bit odd and out of place to me, maybe because it wasn’t fleshed out properly. Kossi’s quick fling with Sonia was looked a bit forced and unnatural, same with Oyin and Toye’s characters. 

In the creative technicals of the film; I’d say it was just okay. Nothing spectacular in my opinion. I could see the vision the director had for some shots but the execution was subpar. I believe two things carry any film, it’s visuals and the story. Either one of them can substitute for the other and in this case the story was strong enough to carry the film. The story was enough to make you overlook a few technical flaws because you’re so invested in the characters rather than the visuals of the film.

Overall, this was a really nice movie. A well-spent evening if I may say. If you’re looking for an awesome film to watch this weekend, you should definitely watch Coming from Insanity on Netflix.

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