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Nollywood Tropes We Are Done With: The Ritualist

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If there is one thing we are certain about a Nollywood film set in the village, there will be a ritualist. His job is to either help a man get rich or help a woman get the man of her dreams. Below are some other common tropes found in Nollywood ritualists.

The Ritualist will be a man.

Kanayo Kanayo ritualist

Just once, we’d like to see someone go to the bush to meet a ritualist and see a young girl. Women need representation in the juju world too. 

The Ritualist will be poor.

Nollywood juju

Someone who has access to juju that can make other people rich remains poor himself? Doesn’t make any sense.

The colors, red and white will be everywhere.

Nollywood shrine

You think red and white symbolizes Val’s day? Not for Nollywood ritualists.

And what is with the chalk?

Yul Edochie Nollywood ritualists

Tattoo it so we know it’s real.

They will ask for silly things.

Honest question, what do the gods want to do with a pregnant mosquito or the eyeball of your loved one?

Their shrine will be in the middle of the bush.

Nollywood shrine

Perhaps Nollywood ritualists have the antidote for snakebites.

They offer only two services.

If a man is visiting, he wants to get rich, if a woman is visiting, she wants to trap a man. If only someone had thought to ask a ritualist to prevent all world pandemics. 

Nollywood ritualists

Do you know who their favorite customer is?

Nollywood ritualists

No matter where their shrine is set up, Kanayo Kanayo will pay them a visit.

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