Odunsi Re-Introduces Himself In New Bop With Tems – ‘Decided’

Alte sonic leader & producer Odunsi The Engine has been rather quiet for most of the year, surfacing only to reveal new fashion directions and a more recent loose release on his SoundCloud, ‘Stayin’ Low’. While fans relentlessly clamored for the release of his Maison2500 collab, ‘Wicked, Sexy!’,

The singer opted instead for a surprising Tems feature, ‘Decided’.

Odunsi The Engine
Odunsi The Engine

The tastefully succinct, melancholic track finds the artists in a state of introspection – one we can all relate to with the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown.

Thriving on a plane of self- reflection, Odunsi highlights his strained relationship with his father, ‘Never knew my dad, never understood/He’s been in my life, but never in the loop’. Over a syncopated beat, the pair create a neo-soul gem, urging the listener to ‘go deeper’ within.

‘Decided’ showcases Odunsi in his most vulnerable state yet and if there ever was an artist to assist portrayal of this pensive mood, he’s made an ample choice in electric singer Tems, whose piercing vocals give the song the right amount of emotion needed.

Here’s A Preview Of The Song


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