Paw Paw Has An Expression For Everything We Were Made To Believe From Movies

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Movies are art, and as we all know, art imitates life. Granted, there are some things that happen in movies such as time travel and superheroes with powers that do not happen in real life but ultimately, these movies still end up imitating some aspects of life. However, there are some things that are presented to us in movies as things that do happen in real life and we have decided to point them out as Nollywood fan favorite, Osita Iheme (Paw Paw) leads our expression bank!

People Joining A Character’s Random Dance Routine

Paw Paw

If you don’t believe us, go to Obalande under bridge on Monday morning and randomly start dancing. See if anyone will join you.

Characters Investigating Strange Noises

Osita Iheme

Why would anyone hear a strange noise in the dark and proceed to ask “who’s there” instead of running away? Are they expecting to hear? “It is I, your soon to be killer?”

Waking Up With A Face Full of Makeup

Osita Iheme

Beauty sleep takes a whole different meaning in movies because not only do characters wake up with a face full of makeup, the makeup is usually not smudged at all.

People Saying “Don’t You Die on Me”

Paw Paw

Has anyone ever looked into the eyes of a person who is clearly about to die and said “don’t you die on me.” Have you no respect for the almost dead?

Kissing Someone to Shut Them Up in the Middle of an Argument

Osita Iheme

Why would you even think to kiss someone in the middle of an argument instead of listening to what the person has to say?

Picking Locks With Credit Cards or Hair Pins

Osita Iheme

If only it were that easy to break into places.

People Throwing Guns Away When They Run Out of Bullets

Osita Iheme

Characters in action movies throw away their guns when they run out of bullets like they’re disposable. If that ever happened in real life, the streets should have been filled with empty guns.

“I’m in!” Said no Real Hacker Ever

Osita Iheme

Hackers type some random gibberish and then say “I’m in” and boom, they’ve hacked a supposedly heavily secured software.

What other things happen in movies that never happen in real life? Tell us in the comments.

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