Ranking All Kunle Afolayan Films on Netflix

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Hailed as the “Martin Scorsese of Lagos”, the impact of Kunle Afolayan in Nollywood cannot be overlooked. The acclaimed director, producer, and actor is no stranger to the Nollywood space and he has also impacted a lot of progress to the Nigerian movie industry.. Today we will be ranking all his movies that are available on Netflix.

The Bridge (2017)

What starts out as a story between star crossed lovers whose tribalistic family is trying to stop them from being together turned into a silly plot with ridiculous scenes and stories lacking development. This scores 8 of 10 on our ranking. It is, however, a visually pleasing movie like all Afolyan films but that’s just about it.

Mokalik (2019)

There are movies and there are documentaries so when a documentary about mechanics tries to guise itself as a movie, it becomes a problem! Mokalik starts out as ambitious but becomes somewhat of a drag and an overly educative film, I mean, we still want to be entertained! This movie falls on a 7 of 10 on our ranking.

The CEO (2016)

We all love a good whodunnit film as much as the next person. However, this film falls short of a few expectations. The film has beautiful visuals, nice dialogue, good acting (for the most part), but the overly slow-paced story and terrible acting from a vital character (Kemi Lala Akindoju) harms this film. We are ranking this an eight over ten.

Diamonds In The Sky (2018)

The heartfelt story about three families trying to deal with cancer tugs at your heartstrings. With a moving story and good performances, the movie is one of Afolayan’s fine works, albeit underrated. Ten across the board.

Phone Swap (2012)

This film about two polar opposites who swap phones and end up falling in love (duh) is one of Afolayan’s lighter works but it works. The main cast carries the film well albeit the film has a gaping plot hole (how does anyone enter a plane going somewhere else by mistake?) Nonetheless, if you can believe it, you’re in for a good ride. We give it a ten.

Figurine (2009)

Horror is not a common genre in Nigeria so when this movie was marketed as a horror movie, we were excited. This film delivers for the most part but it faces a thing which many of Afolayan’s films face and that is pacing. Nonetheless, this is a good film. We give it a five, nonetheless.

October 1 (2014)

Now this was a good whodunnit which kept people engaged from start to finish with good acting, good plot, and brilliant messages. Everyone should see this. Ten across board.

What’s your favourite Afolayan film?

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