Nollywood Ranking | Ranking All Niyi Akinmolayan Films

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Niyi Akinmolayan is fast making a name for himself as one of the best Nollywood directors out there. With box office hits like Chief Daddy and The Wedding Party 2, the director is no stranger to success. The commercially successful director has many films under his belt and today, we are visiting his filmography to rank all his films from worst to best.

Kajola (2009)


Kajola was supposed to pave the way for sci-fi movies in Nigeria. Many anticipated the release of the film because of its unfamiliar concept, including Ben Murray Bruce who offered his Abuja cinema for free for the premiere of the movie. However, when the movie was released, many viewers were annoyed, some walked out of the cinema while the movie was still showing while many demanded for their money back. The terrible outcome of the movie comes from a lot of factors from the over the top concepts which were poorly executed by CGI to the exclusion of necessary scenes which couldn’t be executed. Even Niyi acknowledges that the film was a huge miss.

Chief Daddy (2018)

Niyi Akinmolayan

Chief Daddy might be the third highest grossing Nollywood film but it is far from the best one. While Niyi does fine with his directing, it is difficult to separate the directing from some of the lacklustre performances and the weak script and the whole movie ends up as one shoddy financially successful mess.

The Wedding Party 2 (2017)

The Wedding Party 2 may have been an unnecessary sequel but it scored big in the box office and got away with its irrelevance. From the flat jokes, weak plot, and lack of chemistry between the supposed main characters, this film was not one of Niyi’s fine works, albeit it made a lot of money.

Make a Move (2014)

Make a Move

Perhaps Niyi was still trying to find his way as a director when he made this film because what was supposed to be a musical drama turns into a cringe-fest. The desperate attempts to make the viewers feel emotions such as sadness and pity does not do this movie any favours and the rushed directing in the first half of the movie doesn’t help either.

Out of Luck (2015)

Out Of Luck

Niyi’s 2015 film about a lottery operator and his girlfriend whose lives are turned upside down when a gangster wants to be paid for a prize he did not win, takes an interesting performance and churns out something not so interesting. With over acting by some of the actors and too much likeness to far fetched Hollywood concepts, Out of Luck finds itself struggling to find footing.

The Set Up (2019)

The Set Up

Too many cooks spoil the broth and too many plot twists spoils the movie. The Set Up starts out as an interesting film about a con artist who hires a young woman to assist with his scheme to marry a wealthy heiress but the movie ends up entangling itself so much in a bid to be unpredictable that it ends up a confusing mess.

Meet The In-laws (2016)

Meet the In-Laws

Niyi has always done well with comedy films and the light-hearted film, Meet the In-laws, which tackles inter-tribal marriages proves so. The good performance by the main actors, good screenplay (albeit weak conflict and too many coincidences), and Niyi’s direction earns this film a spot as one of his better films.

Falling (2015)

Falling Niyi Akinmolayan

This 2015 film proves that Niyi does not just deliver with comedy but also brings his A game to emotionally gripping dramas. Falling follows the story of a young woman whose love for her husband is put to test when an accident lands him in a deep coma and a new man walks into her life. With great directing by Niyi, Falling makes us feel immersed in the film and has us crying and laughing with our leads when they cry and laugh.

The Arbitration (2016)

The Arbitration

Out of the nine films listed here, Niyi Akinmolayan has teamed up with actress, Adesua Etomi in five of them and there’s no surprise there because his directing and her acting is a match made in Nollywood heaven. With brilliant performances from the leads Adesua and OC Ukeje, and a well written screenplay by Naz Anuzo, this Niyi Akinmolayan film delivers. The film follows the story of a workplace rape allegation and Niyi does an amazing job in keeping us guessing till the end of the film.

Do you agree with our ranking of Niyi’s films? Tell us what you would rank different in the comment below.

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