Santi Links Up With Octavian For Hypnotic Visuals In ‘Poison’

British-French singer, Octavian has enlisted Cruel Santi and Obongjayar in the visuals for his newest single, Poison.

“Poison,” tells a psychedelic tale that falls somewhere between nostalgic longing and brazen lust.

Singer, Octavian is in search of an attractive woman, and so he recruits Santi and Obongjayar to follow him into a neighbouring club which is really a colourful underground world of trippy colours and hypnotising dancers.

Photo From Video

Upon entry, they’re given an unsuspecting drug that enhances their sensual and visual experiences while in the club.

‘You’re My Poison/Baby Love Me Till I Overdose’ croons Obongjayar over the songs infectious hook as the three men enter into their eventual captivity.

Dressed in Mowalola originals, the women in the accompanying video are the masterminds in the end, and all three men are seen unconscious while the girls rally around their lifeless bodies in the closing scene.

Watch The Video Here:

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