Sarah Diouf Is Making A Statement With ‘Made In Africa’ In New Doc Film

Sarah Diouf, creative director for Senegalese fashion line Tongoro, is making a statement with her new documentary film, ‘Made In Africa.

The project has also received love from the likes of Burna Boy, Iman, and Beyoncé serving to highlight its potency as one of the impact makers within the African fashion industry.

Sarah Diouf
Sarah Diouf in Made In Africa

Made in Africa is a documentary designed to highlight the brand’s design and production process from its Dakar base.

Offering valuable insight for upcoming designers Diouf, who also takes on the role of narrating the film propagates the need for local craftsmanship on the continent while making a case to address the importance of tradition and the contributions made in Africa clothing to the global fashion industry.

Watch The Documentary Here:

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