Through the lens – Yusuf Sanni

The Lagos Yusuf Sanni sees is not the same Lagos the rest of us see. His Lagos is raw
and brutal, striking and powerful and rural. He’s not really one to take breathtaking
pictures of the better-developed part of Lagos. You won’t catch him taking pictures
of the Eko bridge at night when the light plays on the water.

Yusuf Sanni 04
What you would find him capturing instead are Danfo drivers and the street
hawkers who’ve turned hustling into an art. You will find pictures of Makoko
community and the people who call it home.

Yusuf Sanni 03

Pictures that are real, strong, leaving an indelible mark of a Lagos that is like nowhere else in the world.

Yusuf Sanni 02
You can find more of Yusuf Sanni’s work on his instagram @buchwithlenses

Yusuf Sanni 05

Yusuf Sanni

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