Top 5 Short Films by Nigerian Filmmakers

As cinemas are opening soon and we’re all excited to be back in the cool aired atmosphere of theatres, let’s spend the time we still have in the warmth of our beds exploring some of the hidden gems the Nigerian film industry has on youtube.

After several months of watching short films by many talented filmmakers, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 short films you should definitely check out. Here are a few of these short films created by Nigerian filmmakers. 


Directed by Editi Effiong

An emotional and socially relevant story all in one. Fishbone; directed by Editi Effiong, is a story about counterfeit drug production in Nigeria. Asides from being a story that delves deep into the dangers of fake drug production and consumption in society, it also represents our legal and justice system for what it really is. Fishbone was an interesting watch that featured A-List performances from Shaffy Bello, Daniel Etim Effiong and Moshood Fattah.


Directed by Lola Okusami

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During my deep dive into the world of Nigerian short films on YouTube, I stumbled upon this film. Naturally I’m a sucker for period films, so this easily drew me in. Gone Nine months depicts the life of a female university professor and her challenges between being present in her family and also pursuing her career goals. It was interesting to see how women faced similar struggles in the past and to understand how an why they handles it the way they did. A simple and important film.


Directed by Tolu Ajayi

Debuting in January of 2019, Oga John became one of the best Nigerian short films on youtube. Its moving story an impeccable direction earned its nomination at the 2020 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA). The film which is a campaign for Mental health awareness in Nigeria had one of the most intriguing pre-premiere social media campaigns I had ever witnessed. Mental health awareness is important for everyone, all we have to do is care for one another.


Directed by Rogba Arimoro

This film is what piqued my curiosity into the world of short films made by Nigerian filmmakers. This short film single-handedly made me smile, laugh and cry in a short span of 12 minutes. The film captures just one of the many stories ‘tokunbo’ cars have to tell. A creative and compelling story that was fully filmed with a phone camera. The film starred Ibrahim Suleiman and Kiki Omeili.


Directed by Jay Franklyn Jituboh

Unarguably one of the best things to come out from NdaniTV, the same production company that graced us with other youtube hits such as Skinny Girl in Transit and phases. The film sheds light on the pivotal work housewives do in their homes that are most frequently undervalued and overlooked. It’s the irony of the family dynamic for me.

Now that you’re fully equipped with a list of some of the amazing short films Nigerians have been able create, you should definitely take time to watch them. Youtube algorithm will do the rest by recommending a lot more amazing films out there.

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