Watch The Spooky Short Film Of Santi’s ‘Raw Dinner’ Featuring Kida Kudz

“Raw Dinner” is a bold production, which features narration by veteran Nollywood actor Carol King,

Santi continues to make a name for himself as not only one of the leaders of Nigeria’s alté movement but also as a formidable video director. In addition to directing his own videos as well as videos for frequent collaborator Odunsi, he’s also known to part;y have a dark mind that revolves around mystery and spookiness.

In his recent work which drew inspiration from the Nollywood horror films of the ’90s—which he also referenced heavily in the video for last year’s “Freaky”— the artist produced an 8-minute short with dark and stunning imagery.

The self-directed and self-written video follows a girl named Luna who possesses supernatural abilities. She joins Santi as they embark on a mission to find Kida Kudz who has mysteriously gone missing. They are then joined by another girl named Erin, who turns out to be even more otherworldly than originally thought.

Watch The Video Below:

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