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Synesthesia by LSMK


Olisa Ogbolu commonly known as LSMK, is a singer-songwriter, record producer and ad hoc rapper. Who combines his music efforts, with a job at in advertising.

Which designer do you admire?

As a designer, off the top of my head, I’m very fond of the works of Magritte, pretty much all the Marvel Comics Pencilers, Salvador Dali and anyone potent in Surrealism Art. I’m purely loyal to the activity page on Behance and D&AD books. I’d much rather soak up all I can absorb and that leaves me with no particular icon to follow.

What product would you like to design or redesign?

I’ve always been a solid fan of footwear, whether urban or high end. I’d very much like to be in the creative process of producing footwear. But regarding redesign, funny enough, Cabin Biscuit would be my first choice as per brand image, flavour, etc.


I’m not much of an ‘updater’ . So far I have a decent adobe suite CS6 or CC, Behance and a decent Wacom Tablet, the universe is on my side. This isn’t to say I’d rather stew in the stone ages. If need be. Move along with current times.


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