Rewa moves through Societal, Racial and Cultural boundaries with “The Travellers” series

‘We speak to Rewa about “The Travelers, Rele Foundation and plans for the future’.

How is your day going so far? 

Its great so far – thank you 😊

 Art by REWA 4

Please, Tell us about your experience being one of the Rele Foundation’s Young Contemporaries 2017.

 It was a wonderful experience – got to meet a lot of wonderful artists and learned a lot in the process. Also acted as a springboard into other avenues.Art by REWA 6

What did you enjoy most about it entire experience creating “Travelers”?

 The many hours of peace that they gave me.

Art by REWA

What inspired you to create “Travelers” ?

My experiences in other cities.

 Art by REWA 3

Give us a sneak peek, Are we going to see more ‘Travelers’ pieces later in the year? Where is the next destination?

Haha I’m afraid you won’t see any more of The Travellers. They serves their purpose and their spirits are gone. The next destination is Zimbabwe, let’s see what that unfolds…

 Art by REWA 5

Thank you for your time 🙂


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