Why KENZO’s 2017 ‘Nigerian’ Collection is essential

Does the collection truly tell the true story of the Igbo ‘Fashion’ sensibilities in the modern world or is this just another grossly biased misconceived mis-interpretation fed (sadly) by our very own to a disinterested colonialist of what the Igbo nation Sees as beauty and ‘tradition’

There’s no denying the quality of effort filmmaker Akinola Davies Jr and stylist Ibrahim Kamara put into ‘Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze’ an Igbo proverb meaning “Unity is Strength ” celebrating the energy of black culture, but do some of the shots come off as inaccurate depictions and sometimes arguably laughable? Maybe.
In all this Chaos I think it’s more important we begin reanalyzing, accepting and celebrating the attributes that define us not based according to external interpretation but by what we believe and define as our truth.


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