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Visual VS50 Young Creative Artists

The creative industry is a sector that encompasses visual arts, crafts, paintings, sculptures, photography, publishing, music, dance, film, radio, fashion to architecture. It is one of the most rapidly growing sectors globally. Social media has allowed creators widen the reach of their message, various creative fields have consequently integrated with other forms of expression. Whether it be within art, blogging, design or fashion, having a clear creative vision is necessary in creating an authentic and consistent message amidst the rapidly changing and unpredictable nature of the internet.

For 2017 we are pleased to offer up a closer, in-depth look at some of our industries top influencers and creatives. We reflect on the individuals, who not only made a significant impact in their respective circles but have been able to break stereotypical and geographical boundaries to make their mark globally. We will explore their creative processes, where they get the inspirations for original ideas, the challenges they face since they launched their brand and the things that has helped them improve over the years. We will also discuss how they see their respective labels evolving in the future and hint at upcoming collaborations

The following list merits the achievements of futurists that have inspired us through street culture, film and art and pushed our imagination through design and creative content.


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