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The mumu illustrator talks us through pounded yam, kung fu hustle and comic books

Who is the Mumu Illustrator? Tell us about you, your background… growing up.

Mumu illustrator is hard to define. Like most people I’ve been drawing since I was a child, unlike others I decided to make a living out of it. I spent my first 10yrs in Kano then moved to Nasarawa and then finally Abuja where I spent my secondary school years. I went to university at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where I studied fine and applied arts. I never took art seriously until my dad advised me to study it in university instead of economics as I had wanted to. A year after I left University I started the comic Mumu Juju, as I was doing all the work on the comic at the time I became the illustrator for Mumu Juju and so the Mumu Illustrator was born

Mumu Illustrator 01

Where is Home?

Home for me is wherever my system is, wherever I can work.

Mumu Illustrator 02

Who or what got you into digital art / illustration

I’ve always wanted to tell stories and in University I met people who were interested in the same things as me. Somehow we stumbled into digital art and I have there ever since.
Mumu Illustrator 03
Tell us about your style.
Well i love simplification, making things as abstract as they can be. I don’t like details (because that equals stress) so I’m usually looking for the easiest way to capture the human body.
Describe your most unconventional source of inspiration.
Hmmmmm that’s tuff. I’d say food. That’s actually how I came up with Mumu Juju. I was hungry one day and I wanted pounded yam. But I realized that there was no way I was going to pound that yam, so I started wondering if there was a super hero out there who would come and make pounded yam for me. And so Mumu Juju was born, ( that’s why the super heroes are named Mortar and Pestle)
How is the Red Tempo project going? Tell us about it
Its going fine actually, I can’t say much but there’s a lot of to do so, it’s going great.
Mumu Illustrator 04

The future of Comic illustration in Nigeria. How different do you think the industry will be in a few  years time?

Well based on what I can see now it’s going to be crazy. As long as guys keep pushing, as long as they stay original and don’t try to copy Marvel or D.C., we’re good.

Do you have a website and/or blog you visit often?

Naaa in usually just on Pinterest or my favorite artists social media accounts. I’m usually all over, never in one place.

Mumu Illustrator 05

Can you describe your favourite colour in detail? If Not then

It’s a combination actually. The interplay between the warmth and coolness of yellow and purple is something I always find interesting.

Mumu Illustrator 07

Are you a MAC or PC lover?

Whichever on does the work. I use a MAC now though because I was under the impression it would do everything i was but alas for that I’d have to build mine

Movies or Music. If you could watch one movie or listen to one song for the rest of your   life

Music definitely. If I could listen to one song it would be Prodigal son by Rationale and as for the movie it would be……..Kung Fu Hustle.

Where can our readers find (buy) your comic books ( Mumu Juju)?

Mumu Juju is available here


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