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Dennis Osadebe’s first solo exhibition Remember The Future holds at Red Door

Dennis Osadebe PR

Young ‘Neo-Africa’ art pioneer, Dennis Osadebe set to open first solo exhibition on technology and society in Lagos, Nigeria this June”

Generator-powered rockets launching Nigerian astronauts into space. Nigeria seems to be growing it’s taste for the great unknown, the final frontier. But what will ‘Nigeria in space’ look like using the context of today’s happenings? And what does technology mean for the realities of everyday Nigerian life?

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“Remember the Future” is the first solo exhibition on technology and society by
post-pop artist Dennis Osadebe. The Exhibition is a visual journey into Nigeria’s
analogue past and its digital present.

Opening at the Red Door Gallery, Lagos, on the 3rd of June 2017, the “Remember
the Future” exhibition explores the idea of mixing traditional materials and crafts
with technology and new media. The aim is to question the realities about Nigeria’s
contemporary society, including those of power, class, and gender whilst
suggesting possibilities for the future.

Dennis Osadebe 02

'Father Stretch My Hands' (2016) 56 x 43 inches. Mixed Media on canvas
‘Father Stretch My Hands’ (2016) 56 x 43 inches. Mixed Media on canvas


A very special exhibition for lagos-based mixed-media artist Osadebe,
“Remember the Future” is the artist’s first solo exhibition in his home country,
Nigeria, where his career as an artist took off in 2013. Since launching his career,
Osadebe has featured in numerous group exhibitions with acclaimed contemporary
artists and has coined a new cultural movement he calls ‘neo-africa’.

In Dennis Osadebe’s words, “having a futuristic vision of the world isn’t about
daydreaming an unrealistic, year-to-come fairytale. It’s become a matter of critically
thinking long-term developments, debates and initiatives that can create wider
inclusive politics, on a global scale, beyond genders, races, species”.

“Remember the Future” begins by questioning this intention. It creates a visual
representation of what ‘Nigeria in space’ will look like using the context of today’s
happenings. It further goes on to discuss the issue of social disparity in Nigeria,
highlighting it as a more pressing issue that arguably overshadows the desire to go
to space.

By exploring social themes derived from mass culture such as family, social class,
religion, sports, gender and people of everyday life, “Remember the Future” has
us looking forward to the future as a greater end, while reminding us that the
present is always a good place to begin.

“Remember the Future’, Dennis Osadebe’s first solo-exhibition is showing from the
3rd June 2017 – 11th June 2017 at The Red Door Gallery, 51b Bishop Oluwole
Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Doors open at 4 PM.


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