Eko Tag Mural by graffiti artist Osa Seven

Osa Seven EkoTag

Eko Tag is a platform focused on revisiting the great moments of Lagos, reviving the history of Lagos and documenting the current happenings  The platform recently collaborated with graffiti artist, Osa Seven, on his mural at Ozumba Mbadiwe – as part of the Lagos@50 celebration.

Commissioned by the Lagos State Government and supported by Terra Kulture, the 13ft by 108ft mural sits behind Lagos law school.

Osa Seven 02Osa Seven 03

The mural is composed of illustrations of the National Art Theatre,  a symbol of the city’s artistic expression, a drawing of the three capped chiefs of Lagos (Aro Meta), welcoming newcomers to Lagos, a “Lagos” wordmark and installations of Keke Napeps against the walls, as a symbol of Lagosians always on the move.

Osa Seven 04Osa Seven 05Osa Seven 06


More info on the event can be found here:




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