Victor Ekpuk: symbols, shapes and patterns.

Talented artist Victor Ekpuk is currently making waves in the art world.
Originally from Nigeria, Ekpuk currently resides in Washington, DC.


His intricate pieces are characterized by their glyphic forms, abstractness and undoubtedly their attractiveness; his drawings are heavily inspired by the aesthetic philosophies of indigenous Nigerian art forms like Nsibidi, Uli and graphic symbols from diverse cultures.

He has been featured in exhibitions in numerous countries including the 12th Havanah Biennial, Dakar biennial, Hood museum, Fowler museum, museum of art and design, Newark museum, The World Bank, New museum of contemporary art and plenty others.

Ekpuk seems to focus heavily on the beautification of symbols; often radiating around a centre of brighter colours, thick arcs and provoking powerful emotional effects in his paintings.


an unexplained quality reveals itself, jerking at the edges of certainty and yet it remains impossible to predict the end result or pin down at which precise moment the painting took it’s ‘final’ shape.



Ekpuks designs have gathered a lot of demand, with the artist himself making a brand off his paintings.

You can find more info on Victor Ekpuk and his work here.



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