Watch the trailer for Damilola Orimogunje’s MO

“MO” is a short film co-written and directed by Damilola Orimogunje. His previous work titled Family, is a drama on the alarming rate of suicide and familicide in our society – A film which has been critically acclaimed in film festivals.

Watch Teaser

Mo stars Nollywood leading lights Funlola Aoyebi-Raimi, Nkem Marchie, Judith Audu, Gregory Ojefua, Paul Utomi and introduces Olamide Orimogunje.

Mo revolves around Moremi (Nkem Marchie), a teenage girl who became a sex-slave “Prostitution” for her aunt, Madam Kofo (Funlola Aoyebi-Raimi), a religious adept procuress.

Fast-forward to three years later, Remi has by no choice become a pro in the business of harlotry. She is now a sad half-hearted stripper, hooker and drug-addict.

However, she still seeks her redemption, with the help of her new found love, Dozie (Olamide Orimogunje), a tender but indefatigable civil servant. But surprisingly to all, Moremi has an unforeseen plan.

The film was shot on set by DP David Wyte in Lagos and explores the themes Prostitution & Fate, Love Conquers All, Death, Triumph over Adversity.

Damilola Orimogunje 08Damilola Orimogunje 01Damilola Orimogunje 02Damilola Orimogunje 03Damilola Orimogunje 04Damilola Orimogunje 05Damilola Orimogunje 07



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