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Nigerian mask inspired art by Seun Adeyemi

Seun Adeyemi is a 23 year old Artist and Graphic artist, a resident of Abuja from Osun state, a bit of Seun’s background.

‘I draw, paint, make some crafts, create digital illustrations or artworks and compile slideshow videos. I first started as a Clothing designer/middleman for some t-shirt brands such as GMH (Delaware, USA) and others in Nigeria and continued to keep creating till date’

Seun’s ongoing iloveartng Royalhead series, a homage to old Nigerian Artwork, merging the past and present. Old Nigerian masks dressed in tshirts, suits, traditional attire, some taking selfies!

royalhead37royalhead42 - Copyroyalhead46 - Copy

We spoke to Seun on his inspirations, which seemed a bit mysterious at the time, here is what he had to say,

” (Laughs) it’s a bit mysterious when you see Human heads replaced with the Sculpture heads but no, it was all based on an artistic idea that came to mind. I always like to create and recreate new stuff; either something that was seen in the past, then I try to recreate it or create a trend.  I got inspired by glancing through some images of African sculptures on Tumblr while checking some old Nigerian paintings and decided to remodel them in real-life form.
So when I got home that every evening and revisited some old images of myself and started replacing them with the Festac ’77 head and other ones. I named the series as the ila Royal heads and shared the images on Instagram”
 it was a bit mysterious, creepy to some people and some others loved the concept behind the project.A week later the British artist, Damien Hirst presented his attempted work from one of Nigeria’s oldest artworks – The Bronze Head from Ife and Nigerian artists came out to try and support the past Nigerian relics and artworks which were dubbed and recreated in recent times with any ties of acknowledgement.
royalhead55a - Copy


On his challenges,

‘Some of the challenges I have faced so far while carrying out the ila royalhead series are finance (for the merchandise and prints); cost of production of prints & merchandise and creating the team (everyone wants to make money even sometimes without working / you barely see anyone trying to volunteer these days), for now i just work with some external parties who help consult’.
Support the Arts! Get ila prints at
Check out his work on Instagram

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