Monochrome Lagos collaborates with Arts&Africa for its ML Digital Photobook

Monochrome Lagos is collaborating with Arts and Africa for the second edition of the Monochrome Lagos Photobook.
This collaboration is mainly to further the interaction between Photography and Literature as an art form which was the initial intention of starting the Photobook. If you’re not already familiar with the photobook, you should download it from the website http://www.monochromelagos/photobook.

From Monochrome Lagos –

“We are accepting submissions! We are looking for people to submit poetry, essays, stories or whatever it is they’re inspired to write by the photographs from the Monochrome Lagos photography project. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, go to the Monochrome Lagos Instagram page (, pick a picture that inspires you and send your submission as an email to with the subject of the email as “Submission for Monochrome Lagos Photobook.” Submissions open on July 1st and close on August 31st. It’s a project about how we, as individuals, interact and relate with Lagos as a city, or as home or as whatever Lagos is to us and there are no limitations to our expressions of these things. You don’t have to be a writer, you just have to want to express. We look forward to reading your varied ideas and experiences. Share with us.”

Monochrome Lagos
Monochrome Lagos Digital Book

Monochrome LagosMonochrome LagosMonochrome LagosMonochrome LagosMonochrome LagosMonochrome LagosMonochrome LagosMonochrome Lagos



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