Counter narratives of Lagos at its first Art Biennial

The Lagos Biennial opens to the general public ‪on the 14th of October 2017‬. Themed “Living on the Edge”, the Inaugural Edition of the Lagos Biennial explores Crisis in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Among the lists of artists showcasing their works will be:

Jelili Atiku

Rahima Gambo

Lena Athanasopoulou

Sam Hopkins and David Lale

Saba Zavarei

David Palacios

Arrigo Reuss

Lamis Haggag

Dunja Herzog

Jess Atieno

Abdulrazaq Awofeso

Rita GT

Niyi Olagunju

Phoebe Boswell

Kainebi Osahenye

Adeola Olagunju

Ranjeeta Kumari Yara Mekawei

Eca Eps

Obuh Christopher Nelson

Amina Zoubir

Olivia Jasinski

Tito Aderemi-Ibitola

Kathleen Hearn

Jerry Buhari

Youngjoo Yoo

Poku Chereme

Maie Okafor

Amol Pati

Tori Wrånes

Taiye Idahor

Januario Jano

Ro Caminal

Ala Kheir

Wura Natasha-Ogunji

Sébastien Mazauric

Fati Abubakar

Delio Jasse

Kris Russo

Simon Daniel

Tegnander Wenzel

Silas Mensah

Mawuenya Amudzi

Ayo Akinwande

The exhibitions are framed around the concept of superimpositions, and examine parallel histories and counter narratives with the character of the city of Lagos as catalyst.

The main Biennial exhibition will take place at the Running Shed of the Railway compound in Yaba, Lagos. Legacy 1995, a historical and environmental interest group in Nigeria are the main partners for the Lagos Biennial 2017 and will be granting access to monumental and historic architecture in the city of Lagos.

For Press accreditation contact:

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