Rewa’s ‘Onicha Ado N’Idu’ celebrates igbo naming rites

Igbo culture is a magical amalgamation of steadfast customs, ancient practices, Nka (artistry), religious beliefs, birth, marriage and death rituals, language, music and dance forms, as well attire and cuisine. The culture of the Igbos modifies our thoughts, speech, actions and artefacts to the extent that we are easily distinguished from other ethnic groups.

London based Nigerian artist Rewa Umunna presents ten of her works at The Gallery of African Art in Mayfair, London as part of a joint exhibition with the Danish photographer, Dagmar Van Weeghel. The exhibition. The exhibition titled ‘Her Story: Sisterhood That Transcends’ will feature the artists collection Onicha Ado N’Idu: Naming Rites & Traditions of the Igbo’s of Nigeria

Rewa Umunna

Rewa states ‘Onicha Ado N’idu offers a viewing facet into our culture, our naming rites and how these appellations shape who we are. How a culture survives depends on its people’s capacity to learn and transmit it to succeeding generations. Through Nka, I hope to provide viewers with an understanding of who we are as a people and seek to learn more about my tribe and my country as a whole.’

Rewa’s explores psychological boundaries, feminism and tribalism with watercolor and ink pieces.

‘In Igbo land, there is great significance in a name – a name is more than just an appellation or a stamp of identity. Our names bear a message, a meaning, a story, an observation, a history, a life experience or a prayer. They embody a collective of my people’s rich heritage and provide a window into our value systems and life philosophies. We believe that God, man and destiny are intertwined. Chi is our personal God who resides within the individual and presides over our destiny, Eke is the principle of creation and destiny apportionment and Uwa is the world as we know it. This sacred trinity is woven into our names and moulds us into who we are.’

The private viewing will take place on 21st September and the exhibition will open to the public on 22nd September. Artist talks will be held on Saturday 23rd September from 2-4pm at the gallery.





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