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WafflesNCream Is setting the Scene for Nigeria’s Skate Culture

It’s not uncommon to see rollerbladers in Lagos, Africa’s largest metropolis plagued with congestion, street urchins, half-angry pedestrians and uncertain asphalt.  You can usually find them barely hanging onto the back of buses; those devil-may- care boys and girls who seemed to have no sense of self-preservation. Just as we see the Nigerian definition of ‘close to insanity’ and in this light, relatively comparable with other extreme sports as Parkour and dirty biking, these athletic and alternate type of sport is chosen by the more energetic and less cautionary lot.

Well, it’s about time you met their more adult brother: the skateboarder and the
feel of being able to not just glide across places but to also perform tricks on
nothing more than a board and wheels. Stunts and trickery are barely scratching the surface the vision of these enthusiasts, the WAFFLENCREAM team, despite battling common misconceptions about the purpose of the brand, aims at social impact and commerce.

As far as embracing and developing this ‘alien’ creative avenue for expression, the 7 year old  lifestyle brand constantly uses photography and film to grow and increase awareness of the burgeoning skateboard culture in Lagos.

IMAGE: Tyrone Bradley/Unrated/WafflesnCream

Introducing WafflesNCream, Nigeria’s first ever skateboard brand that’s helping
to put Nigerian skateboarding on the map. WafflesNCream are part-lifestyle
brand, part skate screw who host skating events, are working on building Lagos’
first skate park and who’ve also opened a skate supply shop for the Nigerian
market. Not only do they sell varying skateboards to appeal to the different types
of skaters, they also provide the clothing and accessories to match. The crew has now been featured on CNN, Hypebeast, HighsNobeity, Vice and the hundreds to name a few

WafflesNCreamAmarachi Nwosu.jpg
Amarachi Nwosu/VICE

You can find them on Instagram @wflsncrmShop or at their website:



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