Here are the top 8 ART X prize semi-finalists

Here are the 8 semi-finalist of ART X and Access Bank competition, which has seen over 600 entries submitted. The top 4 contestants with the highest number of votes(likes) get to proceed to meeting the judges in Lagos for a 26th of October presentation.


Daniel Obasi
‘A spirit’ by Daniel Obasi
‘Lifted_ by O_dare Adenuga
‘Lifted’ by O’dare Adenuga
‘RUODRA_ by Sel Kofiga
‘RUODRA’ by Sel Kofiga
Blacklist (candle night), series ii_ by Habeeb Andu
Blacklist (candle night), series ii’ by Habeeb Andu
‘Royalty_ by Ebz Aggrey
‘Royalty’ by Ebz Aggrey
‘The Wait_ by Osora Mojekwu
‘The Wait’ by Osora Mojekwu
'Steve' by Ian Audifferen
‘Steve’ by Ian Audifferen

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