Bernard Kalu captures the resilience of everyday people through his photography

Bernard Kalu 01

Bernard Kalu is a documentary photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria, with a
passion for humans and the stories they tell simply by existing.

Bernard Kalu 05
His are candid shots that alternate between the serious moods of contemplation
and self-reflection to the inebriated joy of a personal triumph or smile, to a
passing glance at a city on the move, all wrapped in alternating portraiture and
street photography, with documentary photography at its very core.

Bernard Kalu 03
His blend of black and white and in some cases full colour pictures all retain the
soulful quality he captures with the lens.

Bernard Kalu 04
Each picture is accompanied with a powerful quote that’s most suited to it,
confirming that the message he seeks to spread through his lens is one of hope to
everyone who stops by and takes a moment to examine, read and take those
lessons in for themselves.

Bernard Kalu 02

To see more of Bernard Kalu’s work, visit his Instagram @kabenny_


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