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Tolu Sanusi documents Ijoko Train Town in Pictures

Architect and Photographer Tolu Sanusi visits the town of Ijoko and takes stunning imagery of some focal points of her trip.

Ijoko, an Ogun State border town was the final stop for the Legacy1995 team. Tho originally an Owu-Egba settlement and a spill over from the Lagos, the town in its small size has attracted people interested in train trips mostly due to its Parade of Egunguns.


LEGACY 1995 is the Historical and Environmental Interest group of Nigeria.

The society has been formed with the object of gathering together committed men and women, Nigerians and non-Nigerians, united for the common cause of promoting and reserving the character and appearance of historic monuments and the environment and cultural entities in all parts of Nigeria.


LEGACY 1995, with the support of the Nigerian Railway Corporation, hosts a Trainabout tour series to experience and feel the rich culture of the Ijoko people, and also be taken a guided tour of the oldest infrastructure in the historic town.


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