Salami Abdulrazaq talks Creativity, his inspiration and 2018

Who is Harbdul Rhazerq?
My name is Salami Abdulrazaq. A Nigerian boy whose love and passion for art is limitless. I am 20 years old. My art for now basically shows Creativity, beauty, light, culture and lifestyle.
Harbdul Rhazerq 1.jpg

What did you study in University?

Am currently studying Computer Engineering in Olabisi onabanjo University,  Ogun state.
Harbdul Rhazerq 2.jpg

How would you break down your workflow in steps?

1. Finding a muse
2. Creative thinking
3. Sketch
4. Paint
Harbdul Rhazerq 3.jpg

What are some of the tools you use

Basically CorelDraw for now. Still trying to learn Photoshop and Adobe illustrator.
Harbdul Rhazerq 4.jpg

Did you explore other art mediums before Digital Art?

Yes,  My first attempt in art using pencil to draw cartoons at the age of 10-12.
Harbdul Rhazerq 5.jpg

Who are some digital artists that we should all know about? What are your influences?

I know a lot of very amazing digital artists, but my favourites for now are Duroarts, Princess Kay, Lord_kpuri (via Instagram)

I love looking at art and photography on the internet. They mostly always move me or influence what i do next. Am also influenced by many current artists who can show beauty, light and emotion in their paintings.

Harbdul Rhazerq 6.jpg

 How do you balance digital vs. traditional when making a design?

Traditional art is the root of digital art. I try to picture the design in head in a traditional way, then work Digitally.
Harbdul Rhazerq 7.jpg

What are your favourite websites, and why?

Pinterest, Behance, deviantArt, Ideas, inspiration from all over the world
Harbdul Rhazerq 8.jpg
Is a community of artists important to you?

Yes. I don’t just make art. I appreciate art.

Have any future aspirations that you’d like to share? 

Yes,  I have something big and special in mind to share from me to the world in 2018. Still confidential. School taking most of time for now. More projects from me in 2018.

Instagram– Harbdul_rhazerq
Twitter– Harbdul_rhazerq.


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