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The Ovalay Awards celebrates emerging talents in arts and design

We are in a time where the creative industry in this country is getting prominent. We have various careers in the creative field and also veterans who have been practising for well over 15 years and have mentored the coming generation – who constantly need motivation and inspiration to stay in the field- directly or indirectly. It’s no more news that we do ‘great stuffs’ in the creative space and most of these things go unnoticed and unrewarded.

Ovalay Awards 01.jpg
O V A L A Y is an online award platform for recognising and celebrating creative
excellence within our local space. The vision is to be the rally point for the Creative
African Experience. It is an awards programme created by Nigerians for Nigerians to
recognise, celebrate, and promote excellence in creative work as well as uncover
emerging talent in the field of creative arts & design.

Ovalay Awards 03.jpg

O V A L A Y also seeks to, in the ‘now-future’, become a standard for players in the
creative field.

More information about registration details can be found here:

Ovalay Awards 14 Charles O'TudorOvalay Awards 13 Mattias AragbadaOvalay Awards 12 Victor FatanmiOvalay Awards 11 Kanso OgboluOvalay Awards 10 Evans Akanno


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