Taking a look at Niyi Okeowo’s DAMN Series

The present state of the world right now has everyone saying “Damn” as we try
to deal with the fact that everything is going to hell in a basket and things seem
to be spiraling faster out of control than what we can handle.

It is this sentiment that inspired Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album which was
aptly titled ‘Damn’.

This in turn inspired Nigerian photographer: Niyi Okeowo’s
‘Damn’ series, which suitably capture the state of the world right now.

From the American Democracy becoming quite the joke to the rest of the world;
to the looming threat of North Korea’s Taepodong-2 and the threat of a Nuclear
war; to the rise of the alt. right and the wings given to white supremacists in
Confederate States (and their ridiculous march in Charleston); to the
commercializing of Religion and just how ‘cool’ we can make it seem; to the
growing differences of red and blue states and the refusal to see ourselves as
one; to unchecked killing of black men in America, the series lays it all bare with
brilliant imagery and simplicity.

It is art that is especially relevant in today’s world; art that we should definitely
all give a damn about.

To see more of Niyi Okeowo’s work, visit his Instagram @helloniyiokeowo and
his website:


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