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#ThroughTheLens – Babajide Olatunji

Profile: Babajide Olatunji
Project: Number 24

BO: The Obafemi Awolowo graduate, visual artist and autodidact displayed the latest in his series ‘Tribal Marks’ centers scarification as a form of ID in various cultures. These traditional identifiers have been around old practice of giving children facial scarification, to archive culture and tradition. The piece discuss how these marks were a source of identification as opposed to emails, identity cards, phones, emails etc.

VS: With the pieces done in oil pastels over a period of 10-11 weeks, against black backgrounds and with strong facial features, the at least 7x7feet canvas feel like the subjects are staring into your soul and wanting you to be part of their pain of dealing with an ever present scar .


On future projects the artists says the series is the first of a collection of Culture related projects, part of which is exploration into dying cultures in Nigeria.


Art and creativity is constantly subject to interpretation, misinterpretation and mystery. Over the next month and capturing various  People, Objects, Subjects and Emotions, we explore stories and analyses the Behind-The-Scenes and express our takes into life, sights and sounds of the most awe-inspiring, interesting multi-faceted art, culture and creative industries.

The TTL series documents and celebrates and appreciates the new age  of how we see and define art. 

Last week we went around Art X Lagos, the biggest art event in the country to find out from a few exhibitors who came from different countries about their art, making and future projects.


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