Art Sponsored Post Through The Lens

#ThroughTheLens – Queen Nwaneri

Profile: Queen Nwaneri
Project: Spontaneous Expressionism

A Whitespace Creative Agency curated the Interactive Projects of the fair, featuring young, emerging artists Olalekan Jeyifous, Dipo Doherty, Queen Nwaneri, Soji Adesina, Sejiro Avoseh and Lubee Abubakar.

QN: “Spontaneous Expressionism” is a revival of the significance of contemporary art with a new interpretation reflecting today’s spirit of time. Art satisfies our individual needs from personal expression.

VS: With faces comes different meanings, different possibilities, blurs, uncertainty, oppression and in some cases fear. Nwaneri’s spontaneous expressionism series i believe seem to ask questions. Are we like the paintings dark and full of mystery like the colors she uses on the bust silhouettes? Does the head of each piece mirror our ever changing mindset? Does it represent our changing points of views? Does she use the brush strokes to represent layers of complexity or does it represent our myriad of endless opinions or emotions?

The beauty of all great works of art isn’t that there is an answer or meaning to every question asked but in asking those questions the mystery of various interpretations and answers creates a kaleidoscope of possibilities as seen in Queen Nwaneri’s work

Art and creativity is constantly subject to interpretation, misinterpretation and mystery. Over the next month and capturing various People, Objects, Subjects and Emotions, we explore stories and analyses the Behind-The-Scenes and express our takes into life, sights and sounds of the most awe-inspiring, interesting multi-faceted art, culture and creative industries.

The TTL series documents and celebrates and appreciates the new age of how we see and define art.

Two weeks ago we went around Art X Lagos, the biggest art event in the country to find out from a few exhibitors who came from different countries about their art, making and future projects.


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