Frederick Archibong – The Forbidden Fruit

Frederick Archibong’s The Forbidden Fruit is an apt representation of the coming of age tale that speaks of when a child’s eyes open and she (in this case) becomes a woman. The piece is a study in desire, the type of desire that draws a person in like moth to a flame. Staying in line with Frederick’s preferred means of capturing his subject; the woman retains the black and white monochromatic look that he is known for. The focal point however is the deep red apple she’s about to take a bite of.

It’s juicy, and plum and desirable, a perfect representation of the act that leads to man’s eyes being opened, or in this case, the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which the first woman took a bite from, and thus set into process, the fall of man.

For more of his works, check him out on Instagram: @frederickarchibong


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