Interview with Graphic Designer/Illustrator Olalekan Odunbori

Who is Lekanskills?
Lekanskillz (N.B. it ends with “z”) is a multi -disciplinary artist who does, graphic design, painting and clothing. He hails from Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria and he is a graduate of Yaba College of technology. His real name is Olalekan Odunbori.

How did you get started with design?
I started as an apprentice in a sign writing shop. Then, I learnt the traditional way of design but when I got admitted into Yabatech, I was able to learn the digital aspect of design through my colleagues.

What’s a typical work day like?
A typical work day is a mixture of work and play. Everyday I write down the jobs I need to knock off for the day and try to have fun while I work and try to have fun while I work. Listening to music is one of the things that make work fun for me.

What are your personal influences? How did you get interested in Fashion specifically?
Good and clean designs really influence me. As much as I want my designs to be eye-catching, I try to make it as simple as possible because I believe as a designer,  you should be able to communicate clearly to your audience with your work.

Basically, my art got me interested in Fashion. I love African art. So, whenever I create an artwork that is African oriented, I always have the urge to optimize the potential of the work by transferring it onto clothes and that has helped me build my fashion brand.

What has been one of your most challenging assignments?
It was designing some posters for a client in which no photoshoot was done. So I had to do a lot of photo manipulations in order to get the job done.

Any super projects you are working on at the moment?
No, not now.

What social media tools do you use and how does it affect your way of working?
I use Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. These tools, especially Instagram, has helped me sell myself to the general public. I got some new clients through these tools, many pages share my works and the experience has been amazing.

Do you think it’s easier to market yourself on the Internet than traditional means?
Yes I think so and you get to reach a wider range of people unlike the traditional means and it’s also cost effective

How much attention do you pay to the importance
I pay a good amount of attention to them and I always learn from them?

What advice will you give aspiring designers who want to make a career for themselves?

I will advise them to never stop learning and growing. They should place more focus in mastering their craft. Also, they should always put their works out there for people to see even if they get criticized, they should not stop but push forward.

Lekan’s work can be found here

Instagram: @lekanskillz

Facebook: @lekanskillz

Twitter: @lekanskillz

Behance: Lekan Odunbori


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