Meet Digital Artist Emmanuel Idoko


My name is Emmanuel Idoko, I am a self-taught digital Artist/ Illustrator. I am 21 years old and a final year student of Building technology at the Federal university of technology, Minna.

I have no formal art education as I have stated above, everything I know about art was learnt by practicing, trial and error and by studying the works of Artists that inspire me. I always knew I could draw but never took art seriously until late 2016.

As a child I wanted to be a Doctor and later on as I grew up I decided to be an engineer, but during the Christmas holidays in 2O16 I  was quite idle at home and decided to use my free to draw a picture each day and post on my instagram account and that’s where my journey as an artist started.

My Sources of inspiration are majorly African themed photographs, day to day life, afrofuturism, pop culture and hip hop. I will describe my art style as African contemporary art with a touch of western influence.

Being a student, I don’t have a fixed schedule as regards my art but I try to work whenever I am free. which is mostly at  night and weekends.

Being a digital artist I would say digital tools and the internet is very paramount to my work especially when it comes to showing my work to the world.

When I’m not busy with school work or Art,  I watch movies, play video games and browse the internet in search of inspiration.

On the internet I can be found on Instagram and Facebook  @veez_artz,,

off-line I live in Abuja but I’m mostly based in Minna for school.

I’m still fairly new in the art scene but I haven’t really seen any Government initiative(s) geared towards funding/ facilitating creative projects at a any level so I think the Government is not really encouraging creatives in the country.

I think non-formal education is underated.

I think a community of artists is really important especially in a country like ours were art is not really taken serious, we the  artists should be in unison as it would be to our own advantage

Style is more important to me as it is what makes you as a creative stand out from the rest.

Style is more important to me as it is what makes you as a creative stand out from the rest.

Thank you Visual NG for having me. At this time I don’t have anything really big planned. But I can garautee i will be making better art than i have previously done.


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