Art Interviews

Yasser Claud-Ennin talks targets, Young Contemporaries and ‘Day’mojis’

Yasser 01

Please give us a brief introduction. Who is Yasser?
I am a multi-disciplinary artist with most of my work extending from visual art to pop productions such as graffiti, murals and textile imprints.

Yasser 02

Did you get a formal Art education or Self Taught?
My education in art lasted up until A levels, after which I have continued to explore and develop my skills.

Yasser 03
What’s your experience been like as one of Rele’s Young Contemporaries 2018?
Being part of the Rele Young Contemporaries 2018, has not only been fulfilling but the initiative is enlightening and empowering as I have been mentored and advised by other contemporaries and renowned artists.
How long did your exhibition work take to create? What is your process?
I set an ambitious target for myself which made the project quite intense but interesting non the less. Putting this body of work together took the better part of a month and a half, including traveling and logistics to source the various fabrics and materials I used.  Starting from the concept, as my formal introduction to the art world; I knew I wanted the subject matter to be about me. Therefore I deconstructed that into the epitome of who I am, my name, heritage and the places I am from, my cultural and religious influences and then my view and experience with societalconstraints and impressions.
Yasser 04
What are your biggest challenges so far?
Non in particular as I’m quite optimistic in my approach to things. I usually see challenges as a way of thinking outside the box and an opportunity to further my creativity in producing something different.
What do you love most about the entire experience?
I set out to give a visual representation of my story and experiences with society as an introduction to who I am, so I think  its interesting seeing or meeting anyone that it resonates with or has criticism of the work.
What do you want people to take from your work as an artist?
I want people to be open to conversations about various cultures, identities, beliefs and religions. From there it could open up the possibilities of us as individuals, being more appreciative of one another and further conversations around the notion of coexistence irrespective of cultures, identities, beliefs and religions.


Tell us what to expect 2018.

 The year is still very fresh, expect to see various exciting projects that I have already embarked on such as my “Day’moji/Yas’moji” project on instagram (@the_daymoji_project) and embellished apparel and accessories  on @iamframeworthy as well as other “unpredictable” cool ideas that I’m working on executing.

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