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Walé Oyéjidé of Ikiré Jones talks through the fashion of Black Panther

 “It has become my purpose to rewrite the cultural narratives so that people of color can be seen in a new and nuanced light,” says the designer.
Okay Africa recently featured Nigerian designer Walé Oyéjidé, creative director of menswear line Ikiré Jones, who spoke through his work featured in the Marvel summer blockbuster ‘Black Panther’
” My interest in being involved with this film was because my work as a designer is essentially a metaphor to comment on triumphs the travails of people of color whether they be African Americans or Africans the idea that our expression and our gifts to the world have much to contribute much to bring and there’s a lot of different ways that we do that”
The TED Fellow speaks through style aesthetics, high art and african royalty.


Black Panther 02
© 2017 – Disney/Marvel Studios
Black Panther 01
© 2017 – Disney/Marvel Studios
“There’s a famous Fela Kuti song called lady that extolled the virtues of strong African
women and I think this film represents that essence an idea in many different ways from the cast that spans the globe to the depictions of female African warriors who stand alongside men and looked just as regal if not more so than men do”
Black Panther 03
© 2017 – Disney/Marvel Studios
Black Panther 04
© 2017 – Disney/Marvel Studios

The socially-aware designer recently spoke at TEDGlobal 2017 where he discussed marginalization and how storytelling drives his designs.

More on the post can be found here:

Black Panther 05
© 2017. Ikire Jones

Black Panther 06

Black Panther 07
© 2017. Ikire Jones

Ikire Jones

Ikire Jones 2
© 2017. Ikire Jones



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