#WeAreNigerianCreatives Art

On getting to know Nigerian Artist Nnadi Ikechukwu

Nnadi ikechukwu is a Nigerian born artist whose creative journey began since kindergarten days. Mysterious as they come and dazzling as they handle, with an eye for detail and deep understanding of colour as means of expression, he has captured audiences far and wide with his range of artistic abilities.

Often expressing himself in oil and acrylic media, in recent times he has been able to reduce the gap between the painting and the life image through his photorealistic portraits, and dazzle heads with his metaphoric abstracts which are often accompanied by seasoned poetry. Nnadi Is one of the leaders of the New school of Nigerian/African contemporaries who stretch beyond the confines of their environment in their search for artistic freedom, to express the mundane and supress the angst of the highly oppressive and volatile African environment. He is known to work in large formats and has a fast growing following on social media…


WeAreNigerianCreatives is a journey into the creative industry and delves into the art of creatives in the Visual, design, craft, photography, film and fashion industries.

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