Art Film

If you missed Jenn Nkiru’s Rebirth Is Necessary

Artist and Film Director, Jenn Nkiru uses high concept experimental short films to tell stories of blackness and all its different expressions.

With subversive overtones, quick intermissions and jarring sound work, Rebirth is necessary stitches various past and present and future definitions of the black experience together into a visually captivating rollercoaster.

‘Community must not mean a shedding of our differences nor the pathetic pretence that there differences do not exist.’

With elements drawn from every aspect of black culture, the film has multiple crescendos, follows no linear timeline and contains intermittent texts to stimulate each section of the film and serve as transitional frames in between moments.

“Creating this piece felt like therapy. It’s where I go to reconcile my worlds—the material and the spiritual, the human and divine. This film is jazz; black magic in motion. I hope it can be a source of inspiration, affirmation and healing to others as it has been to me, especially the black diaspora.”


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